About Our Practice

We love practicing the art of medicine. Having a family in medicine, we challenge each other to stay up to date with the latest studies and what we can do to provide better care to patients. In fact, small, private practices like ours has been shown to deliver better health care at a lower cost compared to larger healthcare systems. We recognize each individual is different, and our purpose is to support you and your well being the best we can.

A few of the services that Dr. John Paul offers include:

  • Pediatric care (This is one of my all-time favorites of practicing medicine! To be able to take care of children and parents is such an honor and joy!)

  • Licensed buprenorphine prescriber

  • Certified in Tropical Medicine (CTropMed®)

  • Certified Medical Examiner for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration/Department of Transportation

  • Fellow candidate of Ultrasound Leadership Academy

  • Nexplanon and IUD insertion/removals

A few of the services that Dr. Alexandra offers include:

  • Special focus in rheumatology

  • Nexplanon insertions/removals